Waterfalls and Pancakes

She’s cute.  She’s sassy.  She’s smart.  She’s Two!  Oh, my…. and the grandma clock inside me just ticked and ticked over her little curls, her little sparkly shoes, and her little smiles.  But of course, only the toothy ones she felt like sharing between her toddler-serious stares, her face hidden in the mommy or daddy’s neck, or her complete I-will-not-look-at-you-back-of-my-head poses.  Little Eily and her wonderful, go with the flow parents, Julie and Eric, met me this morning for a photo shoot that was initially a Christmas gift for in-laws who got camera shy.  This beautiful, young family and I knocked around Hyde Park Village for a little bit doing our best to create some interest for this adorable little girl to look at the camera and it was a fun morning.  As we wrapped up and this sweet family headed off for well earned pancake breakfast, I was just so tickled about this little charmer’s waterfall hairdo and being taken right back to memories of my own little Lindz and her Cindylouwho-doo during her toddler years.  Yep…tick, tick, tick…

To view this sweet family’s gallery, click here.

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