DiFrankly, Delightful

Going into every photo session, I am nervous.  Especially family photo shoots.   I worry about my age, if they’ll warm up, if the location will work, and about a collective “meh” to having pictures done.  Add in a child or two…and the anxiety is even greater.  Kids and animals.  Unpredictable, cute as hell, but so hard to wrangle.  Oh, thank my lucky stars getting to meet Lori, Eric and their kiddos for their Midnight Cove photo shoot.  From the moment I arrived, everything was easy.  Lori was gorgeous, friendly, relaxed.  Eric was completely on board (because Lori is gorgeous and he loves her) and the kiddos…well, they were terrific, fun, and so willing to play for me and the camera.  Connor was a ham and Olivia was just as lovely as her mother…swoon, one of my most favorite families ever!  The overcast sky gave us great light and this family’s easy going nature made for a fun photo evening of sand, sunhats, tree climbing, and Hollywood kisses.  This beautiful Pennsylvania family was a delight indeed!

Click here view this wonderful family’s gallery.


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