Chocks away, Luv!

These past few weeks have been filled with some very precious time with the Libby’s.  All the way from England, this lovely couple made a trip to Florida to visit with their lifetime friends (and my very near and dear) June, Cathy, and Bill.  For over four decades, Ann and Roger have been friends with the Prances with memories and visits on both sides of the pond with June and her then young children to now middle-aged wonderful, Bill and Cathy.  Letters and cards tied with ribbons celebrating forty years of birthdays, Christmas’, notes of well wishes, and photos have been collected by both June and Ann as their friendship has spanned both time and distance.  Not wanting to let anymore time pass between actual hugs and more memory making, Roger and Ann hopped on a plane and we all got to share in their very special visit.  Their epic trip included June and Lee’s birthdays,  Ann’s victory over Rog in their first ever game of corn-hole on the park lawn of Ulele’s, Ann’s reluctant taste of gator tots, some arm wrestling with Rog, and Horseshoe-Annie taking some coin from Lady Luck at the casino, and lots of late night chats seasoned with laughter, some tears, and viewing precious home movies from the 70’s.  We even got to share one of our favorite things to do and take Ann and Rog to their first baseball game! It has been bloody wonderful to have these two here with us and there was no stopping the tears as it was time to say goodbye yet again.  It is not often one of my galleries is so personal to me and I was thrilled to be part of this visit and building of more memories…all for the love of our very own Yorkshire Rose, June.

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One thought on “Chocks away, Luv!

  1. Stacy,You couldn’t have made two people (old dears) more happy. Your photography was outstanding. The two principle characters weren’t bad either. Love and best wishes.


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