Love and Baseball

When Chloe contacted me to do her engagement shoot with her Tyler, I was thrilled.  This lovely young woman and her fiance are high school sweethearts, playful and easy going.  Top that off with a common love of baseball and even better, the Tampa Bay Rays, this was going to be a fun evening.  Under the steady drizzle of St Pete’s skies, these two Illinoisians were giving a proper Florida-rainy-season welcome as we met at Vinoy Park and then dodged raindrops for their photo shoot.  The saving grace to the sprinkling and humidity….Chloe’s gorgeous red ringlets and her and Tyler’s “go with flow” attitudes.  We hopped in my car and went to the beach, we went downtown, we couldn’t miss Tropicana Field, and of course, wrapped up the eve with a frothy toast to their engagement at the Rays fan bar, Fergs.  There is no doubt where ever life leads this adorable couple, there will be fun, there will be love, and there will be baseball!

To view Chloe and Tyler’s gallery, click here.

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