Pop Up Photo Shoot

What I love the most about being a photographer are the connections that are created and being able to be a small part of family stories, love stories, and celebrations.  On the other side of lens, I get to see that unspoken language between lovers, the profound connection of mother to child, the private dialogue of siblings, and those subtle acts of intimacy that flow through the touch of a hand, the slight upturn of a private smile, and eyes (oh, those eyes) that curl at the corners and give the hint of sass, sadness, joy, or just plain ‘ol bliss.  This past weekend was full of those wonderful curling eyes!  On Thursday, I got to spend some time with my friend, Rusti,  and her daughter and grandson who are visiting from out of town.  Having heard so many stories of these souls she loves so much, we got to chat and capture some images (a surprise photo shoot for them). It was fun to watch her banter with her grandson and to see the happiness that having her daughter and him here gives her. There was laughter.  There was smizing.  There was, believe it or not, “give me your best panther”…hahaha.   I was sad they couldn’t stay in Florida with her but am grateful she has such a loving, amazing family here locally to nurture her spirit in between their visits.

To view this gallery, click here.

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