40 Wishes

Mountains, cabooses, campers, and 40 moons to celebrate = an epic adventure to Washington State with a young lady who wanted to enter her 40’s with more than cake marked this July with some of my most fond memories.  Laura and I packed our bags, boarded a plane and spent 10 days in the mountains.  There was Scrabble, there were acres and acres of beautiful trees, there was vampire lore, there was a tumble down a hill, there was ice cream (lots of ice cream) and there was a beautiful woman celebrating her milestone birthday.  As Laura entered this 4th decade of life, we had conversations that spanned childhood, love, loss, family, friendships, regret, wishes and hopes for her, for me, for her wife, for friends she holds dear, for women, for all of us.  The beauty of a trip like this is the lack of wifi, netflix, and noise (lack of hot water or regular commode is not among this list) .  That said, there was a little bit of noise (oh, that wonderful laugh of hers) and the click of my shutter as I took photos of her 40th name day, of her dandelions, Lavender fields, and of this special time in her life.  This simple, laid-back, awesome trip…was full.  Full of Laura’s contagious laugh, snowballs in July, and absolutely full of gratitude for this beautiful world we live in and Laura’s hopes (and mine) for the next 40 years.

To view this lovely, 40-years-young-woman’s birthday gallery, click here.

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