You Had Me at Chocolate

Some love stories are written long before they are ready to be read. Such is the journey of Allison and Anthony.  At the age of seven they shared their first communion at the same church.  Fast forward to two sassy 8th graders and a “will you go with me?” phase during their adolescent angst, these two were once more united.  Though their paths were separated in high school and time moved on, Fate, would not be denied, and brought these two souls back to the same road last year.  Their courtship was swift and they both knew they were right where they were supposed to be.  To celebrate their six month anniversary, Anthony took his love to dinner at Bonefish…and the rest was written in chocolate.  Having asked Allison’s mother and grandparents for their permission to propose, Anthony conspired with the staff at the restaurant to surprise Allison with a sweet marriage proposal.  Chocolate swirls spelled out his heart’s wish and Anthony dropped to one knee and extended his heart (and a gorgeous ring).  Of course, who can say no to chocolate, diamonds, and love?  This beautiful couple, along with Allison’s sweet son, Niko, will become a family officially next September.  Unofficially, they are a family who the universe designed long, long ago.

To view this beautiful couple’s gallery, click here.

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