When Superheroes Collide

Oh, baby!  Eleven days ago, this world got blessed with Mr. Maximus Thunder when this beautiful boy was born.  I had the honor of being there to capture his first Hello on August 3rd and on this past Friday, at the ripe age of 7 days old, I visited Max and his parents for  their first family photos.  These amazing parents…I should say “super” parents…embraced this pregnancy with the same gusto they do everything else in their lives…with strength, passion, tenderness, and laser focus.  Mother Marie worked out every day, kept her running routine, and entered labor at her most fit state.  Christian, her devoted husband and coach, was right by her side and her biggest  cheerleader throughout her labor and delivery giving Marie the space to be inside herself but also keeping a hand on her and reminding her how strong she really is when the labor pains felt too much.


Christian’s first words to his son will be forever written on my heart as I heard him whisper to his new baby boy…”I’m going to be your best friend.”  *tears*  Little Max’ nursery is filled with family photos, inspirational quotes for being brave, taking risks, and falling down and getting back up.  There will be no shortage of “you can do anything” messages and examples throughout this little boy’s life with footprints set firmly by his parents.  I have never experienced such a calm, spiritual, and gentle couple and I know Maximus is going to grow to be a kind, loving, strong man being raised by such compassionate people whose soul purpose is to give him a beautiful world and the world a beautiful human.  If I don’t say it enough, I am so grateful and blessed to be the friend behind the lens for moments like these.

To view this super family’s gallery, click here.

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